Side-Hustle to Profit 1-on-1 Coaching
Women Colleagues

You'll want this package if you:

  • Have already started your business but are a bit stuck on how to scale it

  • Are overwhelmed by working in your business instead of on your business

  • Want to improve your marketing efforts or target a new customer segment

  • Are a mom and/or wife who loves her family and wants to make sure she can still run her growing business and take care of her home.

Here are some of the ways Nicci can help:

  • Productivity, systems, and processes evaluation

  • Customer segmentation evaluation and strategy

  • Profit plan evaluation

  • Business cost evaluation

  • Social media evaluation and recommendations

  • Website evaluation and recommendations

  • Time Management Blocking 

  • Mommy-ing strategies for your home

  • Guidance on brand strategy


(Minimum of 3 months; may require travel paid by client)