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With Nicci Willis
Join the Power-up the Pitch 7-day Challenge

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It's the prepared statement you make to someone to gain something in return.

What is a Pitch?


Isn't a Pitch for investors? I don't need an investor!

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that "you only need to pitch your business when you need an investor". ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Pitching can be used to gain business, book clients, sell products and services, build a following, etc.  

Why improve my Pitch?

Pitching is one of the most powerful skill sets to have for your business, yet it is one of the least places where people put effort. Even the best business plan in the world can be met with a hard "NO" if you don't know how to pitch it correctly. Whether you want to learn how to tackle objections, find a way to improve your Pitching Conversion, or just sound more confident, there are ways to improve your pitch. 
Join me in the challenge and I'll give you 7 days of actionable steps to perfect your pitch.

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