What Family Matters Taught Me About Family

I'm in heaven! The entire 9 seasons of Family Matters is streaming on Hulu right now and I am here for it all. Reliving my childhood "TGIF" days. It's literally one of my favorite shows of all time and seeing my children enjoy it reminds me that it is such a classic. So in honor of the Winslows, I figured I share just 5 things their TV family has taught me about my real family.

Judy's disappearance. Oh, so nobody wants to talk about how Judy just went upstairs during an episode in the 4th season and in the 5th season the Winslows had 2 kids? Like we are all just going to move on with our lives like nothing happened? At least that's what the network wanted everyone to believe. But in real life, it makes me think: How many times do major things happen in families that don't go addressed? Do we create an atmosphere to talk about the hard things? Trying to be this Supermom who tries to paint this picture of perfection of her family and who doesn't deal with the real issues that families deal with every day isn't healthy. Like a great mom, I want to make sure I foster a sense of transparency so that my kids and my husband feel safe enough to talk about the hard stuff together and not sweet things under the rug.

Mother Winslow. Sweet, sassy Mother Winslow. I loved so many things about her and her presence there. She had her own identity. She could speak her mind. She would tell you, "I'm old but I'm not dead!" But if you look in closer at the relationships between her and the members of the family, it's fascinating. She's the matriarch of the family. Loved and respected. She and Harriett had a great relationship and she respected that Harriett was Carl's wife and didn't interfere. She respected the way Carl and Harriett parented but offered her support when she could and gave correction in private. If only we could all be Mother Winslows.

Steve Urkele. Two things: Patience and Forgiveness. We all know Steve as the nerdy neighbor who runs into a catastrophic situation all the time; coining the phrase, "Did I do that?" It's funny but it's also so timely. We all make mistakes (all types of mistakes). There's a scripture that says "be slow to anger and quick to forgive". And Steve helps us remember that... often. LOL

Laura and Steve. Chillllllld who would have thought, they'd end up together in the end?!? (P.S. I'm not spoiling any of the alerts! This show ended over 20 years ago it's your own fault you didn't know!) But I love how he loved her unselfishly. Steve's love for Laura was a whole 1 Corinthians 13:-4-8: patience, kind, not proud or rude, not easily angered, endured and believed through it all. In marriage, we all have to be a little Urkele.

The Title- Family Matters. Matters can be defined in so many ways. Particularly, when talking about family "happenings", and you can get all mixed up in the things that families busy themselves with. But as a kid, simple in my thinking, the title meant "family is important". As an adult, it rings truer than ever. Family is important. Family matters.



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