Story Time: That Time I Pitched for Shark Tank

It was June 2019. I was in my busy season and traveling for my event childcare company 3 weeks out of the month. To make things even more complicated, we were simultaneously preparing to move our family across the country to Las Vegas. My husband was already in Las Vegas working on our real estate business, I had packed and moved out of our house and we were staying with my dad until our final move in August. To make a long story short, I was being stretched from all sides and stress was a constant (rock with me, I'm going somewhere).

I came across a social media post looking for businesses to pitch for season 10 of the super popular show Shark Tank and the audition was in just 5 DAYS (aaagh)! At first, I totally ignored it. There was NO WAY I could add another thing to my plate! But I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and, after praying and thinking about it, I decided to do it. What I didn't mention was that my praying and thinking cost me another 3 days. So with only 2 days left, I got to work. Now, was I nervous? Are you kidding?!? It's SHARK TANK! But no, I wasn't scared. And I wasn't worried about the fact that I had only 48 hours to put together a pitch I knew others had spent nights and weeks on. Why? Because I knew the Power of my Pitch.

When I first started my business in 2009, pitching was not something that came naturally. I did so many things wrong and lost business because of it. After years of listening to objections, getting the hard "NO's", and getting less than I deserved, I began understanding what I was missing and revised my approach. Not only did I start winning proposals, but I also started closing 5-figure deals over and over again! I had found my "sweet spot"!

One of the strongest assets a business owner can have is the ability to pitch. I’ve listened to hundreds of business pitches, been on judging panels for pitches, and I pitch all the time and I never get tired of helping others improve their pitch.

This Monday, April 13th, I’m launching a FREE “Power-up the Pitch 7-day Challenge”! For 7 days you’ll receive an email from me with a short instruction video and an action step you can use to significantly improve the way you pitch your business, product or service, or yourself!!

How far did I get in the competition? Sorry, I can't tell you (I'm sworn to secrecy- No, seriously, I can't tell you)!! I signed a huge agreement and I don't want a network coming for me. That's not in my budget. But I've got stories like this and more you that you will enjoy when you join my "Power-up the Pitch 7-day Challenge" and see how you transform the way you pitch. I'm going to help you stay ready so you never have to get ready.


P.S. Check out Front Burner Podcast Episode 017- 12 Essentials to Power-up Your Pitch


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