Say it Loud... "I Love Party Sitters and I'm Proud!"

Party Sitters- a corporate event child care company that brings sitters to the location of your event and, with our games, toys, puzzles, crafts, books, movies, video games and group activities, we safely entertain children (our "little guests") while guests enjoy themselves stress free.

Event child care. It's a passion of mine. Back in August of 2008 my then fiance` now husband and I were getting married. We each had a child from previous relationships (then 4 and 5) and I had a need for the day... who was going to watch my children? Back then, there wasn't a company on hand that I could call and provide that service. So I started my own.

To share a little about Party Sitters, we were established in January of 2010. Some of our clients include The United States National Guard, The United States Army, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and The Red Cross.  We are insured, our sitters are background checked and are CPR and First Aid certified. All of our sitters are at least 18 years of age and have backgrounds in early childhood education, child care, special needs education, etc. From hotel sitting to a multi-day conference we take care of all the details so that guests can enjoy the experience, venue staff can focus on bringing the experience, and families can stay together.

I love what I've built. And I've done just that. Built. I am proud of my company but I wasn't always shouting it to the rooftops. In fact, when I was in the beginning stages of Party Sitters I was embarrassed. For the longest, no one knew who we were let alone what event child care even was. I spent many years educating the hospitality industry on what we did. We were small. I spent alot of time doing the events myself. I didn't have the large staff that I have today. But you know what I've grown realized? While I was in the beginning stages, I was still building, still moving, and still growing. I realized that although I may have had to do things on my own, create grassroots campaigns, build my own forms, and work day and night, it was nothing to be ashamed of. Because I was learning everything I needed to know about event child care and how to run my business.

To my Business/Entrepreneur friends: Know that if your business is worth having, it's going to take time. While you are building, take the time to learn every aspect of your business and your industry. There is a scripture in the Bible that tells us not to despise small beginnings. So when someone asks you about your business, you PROUDLY tell them what your business is, what it does, who it serves, and (while you're at it) to give you three referrals! ;-)

To my Life Friends: I'm guilty of it too. Comparing myself to the Instagram and Facebook feeds. Frustrated because, I "should already be [fill in the blank here] at this point of my life by now". Says who?!? Beware of the Curse to Compare! Listen, if you spend your life comparing yourself at where you are now to where you think you should be, you'll miss out on all the joys and life lessons of living in the NOW and you spend the majority of your time keeping up with most of people's "fake news feeds" anyway. So, just a friendly reminder that as you are going through life BE PROUD of the small steps you take. Pretty soon you'll be able to look back and see just how far along you've come.



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