So, You Want to Know About Me and this Blog Huh?

I'm going to do two things in this post: 1.) I'm going to tell you about moi. 2.) I'm going to tell you how my blog will be structured and how you and I will grow together. Sound good? GREAT!

So, the short version is Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Sister, Friend. The long version: I was born an entrepreneur. It's always been in my bones. I never had dreams of working a 9-5. I was the kind of kid always thinking about how someone could make more money with a different strategy or thinking outside of the box when it came to anything. I was always thinking about starting different businesses and started a few in my younger years which always got me super excited but never Shark Tank worthy so I put that behind I went on to be a traditional college student (and grad), married the love of my life, my hubby Jameen, and (because each of us had a child) became and instant blended family. Do you see where these life lessons will be coming from? Anyway, it wasn't until 2009 when God gave me the idea for Party Sitters and in January 2010 I launched my business. We went through many ups and downs as a family, in our businesses, and in our marriage; most of which I will recall right here in this blog, and the life lessons I learned from each experience. The best part, I'm loving life right now and wouldn't change a thing. The even better part, I get to share my experiences with you and hopefully spark a flame in you that will get you moving, keep you encouraged, getting you to thinking differently, and enjoying life right where you are!

So, how will this blog be structured?

Each week (maybe more, maybe less) I will post blog or a vlog (I'm a visual learner myself) with something I came across or have experienced. That post will be split into two: a message to my entrepreneurial friends and business owners, and a message to my life friends.

Why? Because God has always given me stuff that speaks to both sides of me so I figured I'd share both!

Will every blog speak to both sides? Nope!

If I'm not an entrepreneur can I sneak a peak at that side anyway? Sure can!

If I'm a business owner/entrepreneur, can I also read the message to you Life Friends? Yes indeed!

Are your blogs long? Nope! I don't have time and neither do you! If you can't read it or watch it in 3 minutes or less, I'm telling you to close it!!

I'm not super fancy, I type how I talk, and I'm pretty sure I overuse commas. Here's the point of all this. Each post will have a challenge to help us all think and do things differently to get the most of what we want (and most of all what God wants) out of our lives.

So friends, I hope you're ready for it because... here we go!



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