"Change" and Why You (and I) Need to Calm Down

Change. *pausing for dramatic effect* Or am I pausing so you can realize what that single word does to the pit of your stomach? The word "change" is pretty simple: to make or do something different. But it's the fear of what will happen IF things "change" that causes most people to never take a step in the first place. Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, “Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”

Today I took a step announcing my "change" to the world (or the few hundred people that follow me and even less who actually care what I'm doing on social media) that I was closing my first business to pursue my passions as a coach and consultant full time. Would you believe this decision took me over 12 months? Why? Pure fear. I knew it was time. I knew my passions and desires were shifting. But in all honesty, I was comfortable with what I was doing and changing would jeopardize all of that! Or would it?

Now, we've all heard the cliche "Change is good". Well, if that was the case then we'd all be embracing it and making efforts every day to live our best lives. It's a mindset shift. The truth is, change can be a bad thing if you have a negative perspective. So I've got TWO things for you after experiencing change today:

  1. Stop being so dramatic! It's just change. When you think about change do you let your imagination run wild? Stop it. That's the first thing you have to get control of. When we think of something to change we immediately go to what's the worst thing that could happen. Change your perspective and think of 3 good things that change can bring to you. Will it make you smile? Will it give you more time in your day? Will it bring more fulfillment? P.S. That was mine.

  2. Give it time. Are you quick to pull the "See, I told you it wouldn't work!" card the minute something doesn't go right? You have to give change time. Nothing will ever be perfect so don't put so much pressure on the change. If you're starting a business, you better be ready to give it at least 12 to 18 solid, committed months to take shape before you say that it didn't work.

Change is inevitable. And just like life, it's all in your perspective. Stay positive and give it time but most importantly, keep changing.



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