Are You Speaking Your Spouse's Love Language This Valentine's Day?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

It's Valentine's Day Weekend! This will be my and Jay's 12th one together. I'm not the gift giver in the relationship. In fact (in my opinion), I'm the WORST when it comes to gifts. Not that my gifts are terrible. I just get super stressed out thinking about what to get someone. It's not my love language. Now, my husband? BEST gift giver in the WORLD!! And it's not just the big gifts. It's the little gifts.

He'll come home with flowers, give me a "just because" card, buy my favorite ice cream. GIRL! It's real-life romantic. However, I didn't always see it that way. My problem earlier in our marriage? I didn't know how to receive his gifts. I told you; gifts are not my love language. I couldn't give OR receive them. This caused such a riff in our marriage. Why? Because my love language is acts of service. I speak it and receive it. I might not be able to think of a good gift to show my love. But, babyyyyyyy, come get this 3-course meal that I just slaved over while you sit in this house I just cleaned for you in your freshly pressed pajama pants [cue sexy music] (over kill, but you get the vibe). So there we were, giving our ALL, speaking two different loves languages and neither of us were feeling loved.

In comes Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages book. We, like most engaged and newly married couples, were told to read it but we never did. So we finally picked it up and it was a complete a-ha moment!! Not only did we both need to understand our own love languages but we need to understand how to receive the other. It has totally changed our marriage for the better and we now both know how to accept each other's love language. And we do regular pulse checks. We've read the book together more than 4 times and we check in often just to make sure we are still speaking each other's love languages. And Honey, when the love is flowing... everything will too! ;-)

Questions: What is you and your spouse's love language? Comment Below

Here's a challenge for you this Valentine's Day Weekend. If you haven't grab the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman and start reading it together.


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