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To the woman who is ready to make a move. To the woman who has put her dreams off long enough. To the woman who just needs to press "Go". To the woman who is stuck in her concept. To the mom who is ready to find the time. To the woman who is making moves. To mom loving her kids, and the wife supporting her husband: Welcome to your Tribe. 

As women (mommies and wives) we often place ourselves on the back burner; to the detriment of our dreams, passions, businesses, and purpose. Like a stove, the food that is not a priority, we put it on the back burner. If left on the back burner, what we have to serve to others never gets seen, never gets noticed, and never gets consumed. The Truth? We put ourselves there; immersed in the roles of wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister, co-worker and other people’s opinions. But when we realize that, just as we put ourselves there, we can put ourselves on the Front Burner and live out our purpose.

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